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CCTV setup & Configuration

“Monitor your business or home security from anywhere.”
One of the most important things about having CCTV for office or CCTV for home is that thieves tend to stay away from your establishment if you have such a unit.

The main benefit that comes from CCTV for commercial or home use is that you have complete control over how you manage your home security. Being able to monitor your business helps a lot and it certainly has the potential to bring in some resounding benefits if you do it right.


Desktop Laptop Printers Copiers Service

The technological innovation in ICT equipment is chaning rapidly and the desire to update to the latest models produces higher turnover compared to other equipments. 

Among the many requests we receive from customers are “we want to use ICT equipment that are reliable”. In response, we provide our “Experience in sourcing and supplying” that provides ICT equipments for a relatively reliable period.

Server Sale & Configuration

AZM is selling all branded servers and keeping servers operating in an optimized condition. 

Our service covers hardware and software repair including helpdesk services.

We utilize the latest remote access software that enables to resolve simple problems quickly instead of suffering the loss of use due to an IT fault. 


Setup of Communications Systems(Telephones, Video, Conference & AV Equipment)

Our company is leading to design, installation and support reliable and user-friendly video conferencing solutions that help the organizations enhance communication, increase efficiency, reduce travel costs, and improve productivity with the effetive and efficient offerings.

We are also offering solutions to corporations, government agencies, educational sectors, medical institutions, and small businesses.

Setup of Office Network & Internet Access

AZM is a company specialized in delivering the highest quality of IT support services to all types of businesses and even in Myanmar.

We provides IT services to local and foreign organization in Myanmar, both in public and private sector.

We also bring solutions & services to government ministries, small and medium sized enterprise companies in many industries.

Professional IT Consultation

Businesses are embracing the necessity for partnership with our IT Consulting Services to respond to the rapid change in market environment. Our consultants support you in the formulation of IT implementation plans for business transformation to help you meet your business objectives through strategy, process, performance and architecture analysis.